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Our story

 “Behold I build a house to the name of the Lord my God, to dedicate to him.” II Chronicles 2:4. White Oak Spring  Missionary Baptist Church had its beginning in a Bush Arbor in Jackson County, Georgia under the leadership of Rev. Burel Sanders in 1873.


In 1875, Hartwell Jackson an early pioneer of this Northwestern section of Georgia provided a boxed-shaped house to be used as a church. The name White Oak Spring Missionary Baptist Church was given because the church building was located near an oak tree that stood near a cool spring of water. In our 136 years of history the church has had over 30 ministers and the following ones have served as pastors at White Oak Spring  Missionary Baptist Church:  


Rev. F. Porter

Rev. Solomon Brown

Rev. C. H. Robinson

Rev. N. T. Thompson

Rev. R. R. Smith  

Rev. J. H. Bolds

Rev. G. A. Carter

Rev. L. B. Moon

Rev. J. W. Dunlap

Rev. C. W. Warren Rev. W. W. Watson
Rev. P. A. Evans
Rev. J. J. Grogan (1945-1954)
Rev. Bryant Lewis (1955-1958)
Rev. James Kendrick (1959-1964)
Rev. Paul A. Anderson (1964-1987)
Rev. Alfred Hazel, Sr. (1988-2013)
Rev. Jayson V. Haynes, Sr. (2014-2019)

Rev. Nathaniel Moultrie (2020-Present)
The reality of a long dream materialized and the fourth Sunday, April 26, 1970, marks the entrance and dedication of the new White Oak Spring Missionary Baptist Church edifice located at the corner of King & New Street.
The house of Brother Jady Roberts and Sister Johnnie Roberts was deeded to White Oak Spring Missionary Baptist Church to be effective at the death of Sister. Johnnie Roberts. The parsonage was dedicated on April 12, 1987.
Under the leadership of beloved Rev. Paul A. Anderson much was accomplished. Having led this church for 23 years, Rev. Anderson retired due to failing health. He preached his last sermon as pastor of White Oak Spring Missionary Baptist Church on October 24, 1987. He served as a emeritus pastor until his death on February 16, 1988.
On June 24, 1988, Rev. Alfred Hazel, Sr. of Macon, Georgia was called as pastor of the White Oak Spring Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. Hazel, was officially installed as pastor on July 10, 1988.
In February 2003 Rev. Hazel retired from his secular job and became full-time pastor. He and his wife moved to Winder and lived in the parsonage that was donated by the Roberts family.


During Rev. Hazel's service to White Oak a number of ministers were ordained including the following:


Rev. Johnny Williams, Rev. Christopher Wimberly, Rev. Quincy Bennett, Rev. Selena Carson, Rev. Valencia (Lynn)  Riden,  Rev. Harriett Williams,  Rev. Perez Watson, Rev. Hernando Taylor, Rev. B.D. Bradley, and Rev. Johnathan Smith.


Countless members were added to the church role under Rev. Hazel's leadership. After 25 years of service, Rev. Alfred Hazel retired on December 31, 2013.


On Thursday, September 11, 2014, at 7 PM, the membership of White Oak Spring Missionary Baptist Church affirmed the Pastor Search Committee's recommendation to call Rev. Jayson V. Haynes, Sr. as the new pastor of our church.


Rev. Haynes was selected from a field of over 90 candidates. He received unanimous votes throughout the entire selection process. It was clear to the committee that Rev. Jayson V. Haynes, Sr. was the one sent by God. Rev. Haynes received a 94% affirmation from the membership! We welcomed God's choice as our new pastor during the installation program on November 9, 2014.

On December 17, 2020, the White Oak Family confirmed God's calling of Reverend Nathaniel Moultrie as the new senior pastor of our church. 

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